Fireplaces Inserts

Fireplaces Inserts Shopping Guide – Fireplaces Insert Reviews

Fireplaces inserts are designed to put a more efficient fireplace unit into already existing fireplaces. Older fireplaces are not very energy efficient or as clean burning as the fireplaces insert products that are available these days.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts

These fireplaces inserts are relatively cheap to buy depending on what model you get, and many models are high efficiency tax credit inserts which can help you save even more money on top of saving money because these fireplaces inserts have lower costs of operation. If you own an older fireplace that is literally just burning your money, it may be time to look at fireplaces inserts.

Types Of Fireplaces Inserts

Gas inserts are fireplace inserts that use gas as their fuel source. These are much more energy efficient than older gas fireplaces models. For more information about these gas inserts please refer to that section of the website.

Ventless inserts
are fireplaces inserts which do not vent to the outside at all. This type of fireplaces insert is the most energy efficient of all fireplaces inserts, and can produce most heat. If you want to learn more about these products, please click on the link above.

Direct vent inserts fireplaces inserts vent directly through the roof, or a side wall. These can produce a lot of heat and are pretty energy efficient, but aren’t as good as the ventless models since they do lose some heat to the outside. To learn more about this product, follow the link above.

Natural vent inserts, which are also called b vent fireplaces inserts draw air from the room they are in for heating and vents air through a chimney or a vent. These are the least efficient fireplaces inserts aren’t usually used as the primary source of heating a home, although sometimes they are. For more information regarding these fireplaces inserts, see that specific section of the website under fireplaces inserts.

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